Video Game and Console Repair Services

Retro Game Rescue is the only game store in the St. Louis area that offers a full range of repair services. Part of our "No Game Left Behind" vision, repair and refurbishment have been paramount parts of our store's mission from Day 1.

Our expert technicians have years of experience in repairing and restoring video games and accessories, providing top-notch solutions that breathe new life into your cherished classics. Whether it's a faulty cartridge, a broken controller, or an HDMI port in need of replacement, we have the skills and tools to fix it. We are passionate about preserving gaming history and take pride in reviving modern and vintage consoles to their full glory.

Some of the services we offer: 

- Game console cleaning and repair 

- Controller repair, including stick drift

- Game save battery replacement

- Disc resurfacing

- Game cartridge repair

- Small electronics and CRT television recycling

    All devices needing service may be dropped off at our store during regular business hours. No appointment is necessary.

    For most repairs, we collect a diagnostic fee at drop off and call the customer with a full estimate after we've examined the device and determined the best course of action to get it working correctly. The diagnostic fee goes towards the total repair cost if the estimate is approved. In cases where the device is not economically repairable or our estimate is not approved, we will offer the option to replace the device at a discounted price and/or offer to purchase the device for parts. 

    We do not currently offer mail-in service (except for disc resurfacing).