Get the Most Cash or Trade for Your Games

Whether you're clearing out your collection, upgrading to the latest titles, or simply looking to make some extra money, we've got you covered. Retro Game Rescue buys virtually anything video game related. Games, consoles, accessories, collectables - we will take it all. We never turn anything away. We can pay you out in cash for your items, or you can opt for an even higher amount in store credit. Store Credit never expires and can be used on anything in our store (except consignment items). 

Selling or trading with us is easy. Just bring your games, consoles, and accessories to our store for a quote. Smaller amounts of items can normally be quoted right away, but we may ask you to drop off larger lots or anything requiring longer testing or research. We don't have set amounts we give for the items we buy. We treat every transaction individually and this allows us to give our customers the best and fairest offers possible. Condition, completeness, rarity, size, and market demand are some of the factors we take into account when making offers. 

We can even take non-video game related items like trading cards and toys, but keep in mind our offers for these types of items will be lower if its not an item we'll be able to sell in-store.